Dinosaur Beaded Pendant

$10.00 USD


Product Description

This adorable beaded pendant was inspired by a little girl and her love of dinosaur's. She wanted pink and I thought it would be even more cute to add spots. I thought it was so cute, I made another one. Her spots are purple.

She is about two inches wide with a built in beaded bail. She is super light weight too. I used fishing line as the thread so it is extremely durable.

I can make these in almost any color if you have another preference.

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you haven any questions.

Dinosaur Beaded Pendant Dinosaur Beaded Pendant Dinosaur Beaded Pendant

Michelle's Custom Jewelry

Hi There. I am Michelle. I've been in love with beads and making jewelry for almost 30 years. I love creating unique jewelry. Everything in my shop is designed and made by me. I get inspiration from the nature mostly. Sometimes a holiday too.

The young lady modeling for me in most of the pictures is my daughter.

Thank you for visiting my shop. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.